Winners of our Peoples Choice for 2023..............................

Please give a warm welcome to Tayza and Trick


Tayza and Trick are the ultimate duo when it comes to going on adventures, if it involves a car ride to get there, that's even better. Trick enjoys running as fast as possible on every occasion, while Tayza is more of a take in the sights and smells the roses type of boy. They are both very easy going and can be taken anywhere. Trick's favourite activities are agility, hanging out with his friends and watching livestock. Tayza's favourite activities are sleeping in the truck, it's even better if he can sunbathe while doing it and eating. Give them a follow to keep up with this crew @tayzaface




Meet Fat and Willa !


Fat is an old man chihuahua who is deaf & mostly blind. He’s living his best retired life, sleeping & eating all day every day. He will eat anything he can get his hairy paws on.. hence the name, Fat.

His big little sister, Willa is the most annoying sibling in the world (according to Fat). She loves the sound of her own voice, has a major rock fetish & lives the best life joining her mum at work.

They have a typical sibling love/hate relationship. Follow their journey with Happypet and you can follow this neat duo - @thefatbeans




Meet Gus and Nova

Meet Gus, a petite pug with a personality that's larger than life! This little chap has a legendary appetite for treats, and his absolute favorite indulgences are Happypet treats. Nothing quite ignites his zest for life like these tasty morsels. Moreover, Gus serves as a cheerful mascot at his parents' bustling vineyard in the picturesque region of Blenheim, spreading joy and warmth wherever he trots.

His canine companion, Nova, is a lively lass brimming with playful energy. With an insatiable love for the water, swimming is her ultimate thrill, paired perfectly with the exhilarating chase of a good fetch game. But don't let her playful demeanour fool you; Nova is incredibly expressive. Her vocalizations paint a vivid picture of her emotions, as she isn't shy about voicing her thoughts and feelings. Together, Gus and Nova bring a lively, lovable energy that makes every day an adventure. And theres more to this ensemble .........

Follow their adventures here @gus_and_nova






Meet 3 Happypet Ambassameows!

Boof, Possum and Leela



Boof, a big fluffy tabby cat from the south, is the boss of the pets and Possum's dad. Shy but affectionate, he loves meat, treats, and outdoor adventures, along with nighttime cuddles. Possum, Boof's tortoiseshell daughter, adores the warm indoors and her favorite activities are eating and sleeping. Leela, a cheeky little tabby with a big personality, keeps everyone on their toes, enjoys cuddling with Gus by the fire, and is often found cozied up on beds or fluffy blankets.





Soon, a 5-year-old mix of Border Collie and Papillon (affectionately referred to as a Borderpap), is quite the character!

He revels in getting as wet and muddy as he can. When he's not indulging in his love for mess, he's traveling across New Zealand, competing in agility contests and occasionally participating in obedience trials.

Known for his quirky, wonky ears, Soon has a few other distinguishing traits. He has an obsession with digging and a rather large ego. But perhaps his most charming quality is his uncanny ability to beg for treats from just about anyone he meets. Make sure you follow this wee star!  @thelifeofsoon





Foz and Kawa


Just LOOK at these two happypets! They are loving our Trachea and Gelatine Powder at the moment!

Foz and Kawa are two young rescue pups living their best life. Foz thinks he’s a small dog and Kawa thinks she’s a big dog and none of them are right!

Foz is famous for his big goofy smile and lack of spacial awareness, and Kawa is famous for her unique white spots - people often stop us in the street to tell us she looks like Bambi.
They can usually be found fighting over sticks at the beach, playing rugby at the park, or barking at delivery drivers at home. They are extra talented when it comes to sniffing out hidden treats - one of their long time favourites is the meaty tendon (they even have the word “tendon” in their vocabulary!)  

Give them a follow and stay upto date on all things Foz and Kawa.



Koda and Kash


Koda (6yo) and Kash (4yo) - Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are full brothers with the same parents from different litters born almost exactly 2 years apart. Koda sadly, suddenly, passed this year. He was a big loveable teddy bear and loved his cuddles. He was a sensitive soul. Dad was his favourite human and he would do anything for treats, a real foodie. One of his many nicknames “The Baconator”. RIP big guy - you were and are, so very loved.

Kash a loud, sassy goofball. You will hear him before you see him. He too loves cuddles and loves to be touching us or on us (we call him the 50kg lap dog) but he usually sleeps curled up at the end of the bed like a cat. He loves car rides and adventures and hates being left behind. They both travelled all over the country from Bluff right up to the tip top of NZ and all the in between.

They were absolute best friends. Give them a follow - two_brother_bears

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