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100% Natural New Zealand Venison

Used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries to aid in mobility strength and overall health, natural deer products are a great addition to your dog or cats meal-times to help maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Our cat and dog supplements, made from 100% natural venison (and some combined with Green Lipped Mussel), provide your pets with natural glycosaminoglycans and anti-inflammatory substances, along with a multitude of natural vitamins and minerals.

Our supplements are a great option to aid in mobility and joint support in dogs and cats of all ages, and your pet will just love eating these tasty and healthy tidbits.

NZ Deer Velvet & Sinew Tablets for Cats & Dogs - Pet Health Supplement
This New Zealand-made natural pet supplement contains NZ deer velvet, collagen and cartilage. It is formulated to support your pet’s joint health, strengthen their immune system and enhance general wellbeing. Velvet antler is prized as a vitalising tonic and for its anti-inflammatory...
Happypet Hip & Joint Formula 30g - Dog Health Supplement
A 100% Natural Formula made of NZ Deer Antler Velvet, Deer Blood, Deer Sinew and Green Lipped Mussel as rich sources of Chondroitin Sulfate and Glycosaminoglycans. Recommended for active dogs to support healthy bones, connective tissues and joint structure and...
Happypet Skin & Coat Formula 30g - Dog Supplement
A 100% Natural Formula Pet Supplement made of NZ Deer Placenta, Green Lipped Mussel and Deer Antler Velvet to support Skin & Coat Health of your best friend. Recommended for all dogs for a healthy and shiny coat. Can support...
Happypet Age Support Formula 30g - Dog Supplement
A 100% Natural Formula Pet Supplement made of NZ Deer Antler Velvet, Deer Tail, Green-Lipped Mussel and Deer Bone Calcium to support vitality and vigour with your best friend. Recommended for senior dogs to assist with bone strength, joint mobility...
Liver Powder 30g - Topper or Supplement for Cats and Dogs
This New Zealand-made Cat and Dog supplement is 100% NZ venison liver – freeze-dried, so the taste and nutrients are locked in. Your pet’s sense of smell hits high alert as soon as you remove the cap, making it an easy...
Sinew Powder 60g
This New Zealand-made supplement contains deer collagen and cartilage (rich sources of glycosaminoglycans) making it the ideal support for joint and tendon health, particularly in older pets or hard-working dogs. Because the sinew is cool air-dried, the taste and nutrients...
Happypet Puppy Formula 30g - Dog Supplement
A 100% Natural Formula Pet Supplement made of NZ Deer Antler Velvet, Deer Bone Calcium, Green Lipped Mussel and Deer Blood to help grow puppies into fit strong dogs. Recommended for puppies and adolescent dogs. Dosage Recommendation per half scoop...
Happypet Deer Gelatine Powder 60g
Enrich your pet's happiness with our Deer Gelatine Powder. A 100% natural gelatine made from NZ Red Deer Skin. Designed to elevate your pet's health and vitality. Rich in collagen and protein, helping support joint health, coat shine and overall well-being....

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