About Us

Happypet is a New Zealand family-owned company that specializes in Natural Venison Treats and Chews for kiwi pets.

Who is Happypet?



Our name sums up our business. We’re all about making pets happy and, after years of trading in happiness, we’re pretty good it.

Happypet treats originate from a small factory just outside Wanaka in Central Otago. Wanaka is nestled lakeside and surrounded by vast mountains and clean air – perfect for cold-drying our venison pet treats and chews.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this cold-drying process. It’s the reason your pet gets so excited when you walk in the door carrying a Happypet product. From their perspective, cold drying means the products are still raw, so they retain the gamey flavour, smell and texture of the real deal. In your pet’s mind, they personally hunted down that treat or chew, showing of their suppressed talent, stealth and skill. (Yes, we have conducted consumer research and this is what pets consistently tell us – even the inside-only designer cats say so.)

Across the Happypet team, we are all pet lovers ourselves and we know how happy these all-natural treats make our own pets. We also value genuine and quality service, which is why we have such great relationships with our customers.

Happypet’s parent company Alpine Deer was founded in 1964 and was a key pioneer of New Zealand’s deer industry. Those decades of knowledge benefit Happypet’s production – everything revolves around venison. It’s that simple.

Why Happypet treats are different?

  • They contain 100% Natural NZ Venison. Nothing else!
  • Completely and utterly natural – which is best for your pets, our people and everyone’s environment.
  • Contain zero nasties.
  • Cool and freeze-dried.
  • Made in beautiful Wanaka.

New Zealand Venison is a highly regarded product, tender, with mild gamey flavour. It is naturally lean and packed with iron and other minerals and vitamins. Needless to say, it’s a great healthy meat for pets, being grass-fed with no hormones, no antibiotics and is also hypoallergenic.

Turning Raw Venison Into Treats

The process used to produce Happypet treats does not add or take away from the natural venison product. We simply seal in the goodness that’s already there. You may be surprised to know that keeping the product as close to natural as possible actually requires more work, not less.

Happypet uses two methods of cold drying.

Freeze Drying involves a high-pressure vacuum process to extract excess moisture from raw frozen venison. While this is a more intensive method of drying, it does have several advantages:

  • The pet treats maintain their flavor and smell
  • Easier rehydration–regaining the original texture and appearance
  • Less damage to the product and maintains its physical structure.
  • Preserves the nutritional value of the treat
  • Relatively cool temperatures, so still can be part of a raw diet.

No wonder pets love Happypet™ treats!

Cool-Air Drying

While many of our Happypet products are freeze-dried, it doesn’t suit all of the products that we produce – such as bones, and the ever-popular tendons. The Happypet™ alternative is the next best thing – cold air drying. This takes a little longer than heat – but it produces a very natural product

Cool-air drying requires two things: clear Central Otago air and human hands doing the turning. This method takes a long time, but it’s worth it.

Nutritional Benefits of Venison

As well as being low in fat and high in protein, venison contains a LOT of vitamins and minerals:

  • Iron – carries oxygen in the blood
  • Phosphorus – helps your pet’s mobility
  • Zinc – for skin health
  • Copper & Vitamin K – essential for blood health
  • Manganese – strengthens bones
  • Selenium & Tryptophan – sharpen your pet’s brainpower
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids – for heart health
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 – energy boosters
  • Vitamin E – an antioxidant
  • Glutamic acid – great for gut healing                      
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