Kahu @kahudungaree is a 17 month old rescue pup from Turangi Animal Care and loooves the beach and rivers. He will fetch sticks or balls from the water all day if he could, and loves his Obedience, Rally-O, and Agility work. Kahu is loving life as a @happypetnz ambassawoof 🤩He got a welcome pack with some of our awesome products to try.
He now loves our Venison Nuggets and will do anything for one 🤤Eat them whole, chop them up for training treats, enrichment fillers or as a topper. Check out Kahu's top picks below.


Memo and Lyric

We have known Memo and Lyric @lyric_andthefosters for a while now and were super pumped when they were selected to be Ambassawoofs for Happypet. Lyric is a 3 year old Border Collie. She competes in Agility and Obedience and loves every minute of it. Especially agility as she likes to go FAST. and even sometimes squeals while doing it.
Memo is a little gremlin who is not your normal cross breed but is cute AF. 😂
She will drag clothes from the laundry basket into the lounge and fall asleep on them. Lyric has always been a fan of our Venison Slice. And this is probably one of our best natural chews. Freeze dried, preserving the nutritional value. Your dog’s choice of after dinner mint providing a tasty workout for your dog’s molars. The shape and texture of the slice lends itself to being a “project” - one worthy of deep concentration.

Muffin @muffin_meowmeow
is an adopted cat, unknown breed. She was named Muffin first, and while searching about her breed based on her look, it seems that very likely she’s a ragamuffin!
This 1y old, little creature is always trying hard to be graceful but most of the time ends up being funny and silly. Addicted to her cardboard bed and ignoring anything soft and warm and comfy. She thinks she’s the queen of the house (well isn’t any Cat?) but will bow down when you have food. Loves to have her photo and video taken by her hooman maid.
Muffin is a big fan of Happypet’s 100% Natural NZ Venison Pet Treats. Freeze dried, locking in all the natural vitamins and minerals. These treats contain 100% Natural NZ Venison. Nothing else!


Benson is a 7 year young Ridgeback X based in beautiful Central Otago. Heres a few words from his lovely mum. “I got Benson when he was 6 months old. He was starving, full of fleas and worms, scared of everything and smelt so bad we had to drive all the way home from Lumsden with the windows open! 🤭 He is now a pretty well adjusted (still a sook), nice smelling, healthy raw fed Queenstown boy who sleeps on the bed, travels the south island competing in Agility, getting lots of HAPPYPET treats cause he’s a clever good boy. Benson loves the water and the snow. Any chance to play in either and he’s up for it! Lucky we live 5 min from the river so he swims most days and in the winter he comes snowshoeing with us at The Snow Farm. In the summer we go up Cardrona hiking and he loves riding on the gondola.” Benson has been using the Hip and Joint formula everyday. His joints are ok but he’s had a muscle injury and I feel like the powder has helped with healing just making it a little quicker. Love that the powder has all the good deer stuff but also the green lip mussel powder which I think is really amazing.


Awhi is the classic teddy bear caramel Cavoodle. (the guy on the right) 😂
His name means "cuddles and hugs" in te reo. Living on a small farm in beautiful Bay of Plenty, Awhi loves to eat carrots🥕😂 that are intended for the horses (he’s much less interested if they’re actually given to him legally). He is good friends with all the animals, including sheep and kunekune piglets, but his obsession with sniffing the chicken bums sometimes gets him in trouble.🤭 Trick training is his most favourite thing in the world.
He enjoys chewies, walks on the beach and sniffing out rabbits, and his most favourite thing is helping with Mum’s junior animal trainer programmes. He does a great job of teaching kids how to train animals with positive reinforcement, sparking the joy and excitement of dog training in the next generation.




Edmund and Huxley

Huxley is a wild mix of Hairy Maclary breed. He loves cuddles, adventures and running. His passion is parkour – off walls, jumping fences – loves a good obstacle. 😂
His brother Edmund is a wee mini schnauzer. His fav toy at the moment is the door stop whaaaat!?🤗 And his super talent is that he can poop whilst doing a handstand.😲 Oh and he even slaps his pawrents when he wants pats.
These two love healthy food that works with their raw diet – treats on the go on cliff faces, recall treats running in the snow, enrichment toys or just a good old fashioned chew on the couch.

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