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NEW ** Happypet Snuffle Seeker
Introducing the Snuffle Seeker - the ultimate canine enrichment tool designed to engage your dog's senses and stimulate their natural instincts. Fill it with Heart, Muesli, your pets fav treats. Dogs, like humans, crave mental stimulation and enrichment to lead...
Mini Golden Tendons 1kg - Dog Chew
Dogs are mesmerised by Golden Tendons. The taste and smell, combined with the concentration required to chew into the natural protein, transport dogs into a world of their own. Golden Tendons are therefore perfect for dogs who get anxious when...
Venison Lung 180g - Treats for Cats and Dogs
It’s the amazing smell of Lung Bites that turns your pet into “putty in your hands”. Our Lung Bite treats are great for both Cats and Dogs. Because Bites are super light and snap-able, you can slip one piece in...
Venison Heart 70g - Cat and Dog Treat
Cats and dogs agree. There is nothing they won’t do for a Venison Heart treat. Talk about unprocessed. These are freeze-dried delicate dices of heart, ready to encourage good behaviour. They aren’t messy, so perfect to slip in your pocket as...
Venison Nachos 20pc - Natural Venison Dog Chews
A pack full of distracting moments. Your dog is wonderful. Of course! But sometimes, you just need a minute or two... That’s where Venison Nachos come in. They are the ultimate Dog treat distraction devise. Buy yourself time to welcome in the...
Venison Slice 7pc - Dog Treat
This dog chew will be your dog’s choice of after dinner mint providing a tasty workout for your dog’s molars.  Your dog is going to love you for introducing Neck Slice into his or her life. Even a gobbler wants to...
Trachea Snaps 8pc
Happypet's Deer Trachea 8 pack – a gourmet delight for your beloved pet. Each piece is sourced from premium NZ Deer, ensuring an unmatched level of quality and freshness. Rich in natural chondroitin and glucosamine, these trachea dog chew treats...
Venison Muesli 210g - Dog Treat and Meal Topper
Muesli is a “crumble” mix of meaty bones, tendons, liver, heart, tongue, steak, blood and sinew. It’s packed with everything good - minerals, amino acids, vitamins and glucosamine. Muesli can be fed as a dog treat, mixed with a little...
Venison Nuggets 250g - Dog Treats
This tasty Dog treat is excellent for joints and general health. Venison Nuggets are made from a concentrated blend of raw liver, tendon, brisket and tail bones, cartilage and blood. Older dogs enjoy the taste of so many wonderful raw...
Happypet Skin & Coat Formula 30g - Dog Supplement
A 100% Natural Formula Pet Supplement made of NZ Deer Placenta, Green Lipped Mussel and Deer Antler Velvet to support Skin & Coat Health of your best friend. Recommended for all dogs for a healthy and shiny coat. Can support...
Golden Tendons 170g - Venison Dog Chews
Dogs are mesmerised by Golden Tendons - the best dog treat and chew. The taste and smell, combined with the concentration required to chew into the natural protein, transport dogs into a world of their own. Golden Tendons are therefore...
Meaty Tendons 442g - Dog Chews
The dogs have voted. Meaty Tendons are their all-time favourite. With the crunchy prime venison meat left on, these natural dog treats are in a league of their own for taste and smell. They are the perfect long-chew distraction for...

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